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Covering the surrounding area including Norwich and Great Yarmouth

What is powerflushing?

Powerflushing is ideal for central heating systems that have lost their efficiency over time. This decrease in efficiency is often cause by a build up of sludge and other debris that naturally occurs over time. This debris causes blockages within the central heating system that prevents a boiler from effectively providing heat throughout a property. Using strong but safe chemicals and professional standard equipment to clear out these blockages

The benefits of powerflushing

By cleaning your central heating system, powerflushing helps improve the overall efficiency of your central heating, which in turns brings a number of benefits. Because your boiler would no longer be over-working, you can expect to increase the overall lifespan of the boiler. This also means that you can prevent avoidable and costly breakdowns. A more efficient heating system also means that you can stand to save money on energy bills each month, thereby saving you money in the long run.

Signs that you may need a powerflush

There are a number of signs to look out for that can be indicative of a central heating system in need of a powerflush. This includes a central heating system or boiler that is noisy and making loud clanging sounds. Also, if you notice that your radiators are cold to the touch or not evenly warm all the way through, this could also be a sign that debris has built up. If in doubt, feel free to give us a call and we'll be able to help you identify if a powerflush is the right move for you. 

Powerflushing throughout the surrounding area 

We offer powerflushing throughout the surrounding area including Acle, Wroxham, Horning, Hoveton, Coltishall, Buxton, Horstead, Spixworth, Croswick, Blofield, Lingwood, Strumpshaw, Rackheath, Salhouse, Thorpe, Sprowston, Dussindale, Hemsby, Scratby, Postwick, Trowse, Hellesdon, Costessey, Caister-on-Sea, Great Yarmouth, Bradwell, Belton, Burgh Castle, Gorleston, Norwich.

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