Boiler Maintenance Insurance Or Manufacturers Warranty? An approximate comparison

Boiler Maintenance Insurance or Boiler Manufacturers Warranty? An approximate comparisonLet’s firstly take a look at some of the points of an insurance plan for say over a 10 year periodTake a look at the picture; this was taken from a well-known daily newspaper in one of their consumer columns. It tells the story of a dis-satisfied consumer that took out an insurance plan at £17/month.Now don’t get me wrong, I am not going to start a crusade insurance bashing but merely wanted to highlight t...

Baxi Christmas call centre opening times

StartFragmentJust had an email off BAXI customer support to inform me of their Christmas call centre opening times. They are as follows.Call the Baxi Customer Support call centre on 0344 871 1545 The opening hours will be as follows:24th Dec 8-6 (closing early by 2 hrs)25th Dec 8.30 - 226th Dec 8.30 - 227th Dec 8-828th Dec 8-829th Dec 8.30 -230th Dec 8.30 -231st Dec 8-6 (closing early by 2 hrs)1st Jan 8.30 -22nd Jan onward, business as usualEndFragment


Lead Generating Web Sites

Had a phone call the other day from one of these lead generating sites, you know the ones. They say they can "put you in touch with a gas engineer that has gone through their rigorous selection process and can recommend them. Their sales chat went this way. "you have nothing to pay, there is no monthly charge to join our scheme nor are there any checks we carry out on you as a business. We just charge you 20% commission of every job we put you in touch with." The moral of this? Use your local...