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I hope this reassures my customers knowing that I have taken whatever measures I can to protect them when visiting their homes.


Coronavirus Update

After the weekend’s events of people not adhering to the 2 metre rule and going on their jollies to the seaside and not following the government’s advice, we think the only way we can protect our customers and of course ourselves, is to take this action so, with respect to the new government advice, we think we have a duty to go on lock down until the end of April at which, we will then revise. We will however, try our best to be available for emergency call-outs under certain restrictions on...

Coronavirus (COVID-19) statement

AGASI would like to inform all customers that we are monitoring daily the advice that the Government is issuing with regards to the changing situation of Coronavirus (COVID-19)The safety of our customers is our top priority. If you require an engineer visit, we ask that you advise us if you, or anyone else in the property are under any strict restrictions due to Coronavirus. We will then be able to book an engineer visit as soon as your isolation period ends. If you have any questions, pleas...

Today is Remembrance Sunday where we pay homage to the sacrifices made by so many but please, let's not forget the sacrifices made by the people at home. Many people lost their lives, mainly women, who worked in the munitions factories who lost their lives, were injured, who became ill with the toxins they were working with. The accidental explosions where just a tiny lapse of concentration would turn into a tragedy. These people had to deal with all that but they never seem to get the recognition they deserve indeed the thanks they got at the time was for the greedy employers to reduce their wages to 'women's rates' So, while we are watching the parade in Whitehall and visiting so many events around the country, do not FORGET these people that did so much at home. Rest in peace to you all and THANK YOU