Getting into servicing a Baxi back boiler

Getting into servicing a Baxi back boiler. I often get asked by new clients why do I take it all apart as previous engineers hadn't.

It is the only way to service them and if it has not been taken apart, then it has not been serviced.

Back boilers with fires at the front are classed as 'Open Flue'. What this means is the appliance takes the air from it's location, usually a lounge, to assist with the combustion of the gas.

Although there are two appliances (fire and boiler) that could be in operation at the one time, they usually use the same source of ventilation and the same flue. If either the flue or the required ventilation is restricted in any way, then there is a risk of Carbon Monoxide (CO) gas building up in the property which I am sure you will know, is a risk to health and could be fatal.

This is why AGASI always strips down the back boiler.

In the pictures, you will see a brush being used to clean in between the fins of the heat exchanger.

The fins are not only there to assist even heat dispersal throughout the heat exchanger but also, to form channels for the products of the combustion of the gas into the flue and out of the property.

If any of these channels are blocked, then you run the risk of a CO build up.

One of the most dangerous characters of Carbon Monoxide is the fact you can't smell or see it however, in some circumstances, you can see where it has been by way of sooty deposits or discolouration around an appliance.

Should you see any of these symptoms with any gas appliance? Then please do not hesitate to call AGASI to assist you in any way we can