Coronavirus Update

After the weekend’s events of people not adhering to the 2 metre rule and going on their jollies to the seaside and not following the government’s advice, we think the only way we can protect our customers and of course ourselves, is to take this action so, with respect to the new government advice, we think we have a duty to go on lock down until the end of April at which, we will then revise. We will however, try our best to be available for emergency call-outs under certain restrictions only.

We also understand that things happen with break downs etc. but these can sometimes be simple things that can, so long as you explain the problem to us clearly, be solved by talking to us. 

We can help more efficiently if you use Facebook to contact us via our business page using the link below to send photographs

THE WILL BE NO CHARGE for using our remote help service. All we ask is that you leave us feedback on either our Facebook business page again, using the link above or our website using the link below

On a personal note

Whatever your personal political persuasions, in my opinion, whether we like it or not, the prime minister is the captain of this UK team of ours, we must all pull together and follow whatever guidelines he and his team of experts give. To do otherwise, is playing into the hands of the other side ie, the virus