Checking If An Installer Is Legally Registered To Work

I was called out to attend a breakdown of Mr M's (the tenant) gas boiler on 05/03/2019 at his address in NR13. On arriving, I noticed a few faults with the installation of the boiler (please refer to attached photographs) such as:

• Flue not sealed to building inner wall
• Wiring connection very much in a dangerous state, high risk of electrocution to users

After conversing with the tenant, it was discovered that the installation was carried out by a non-registered installer. After checking paperwork I took note that the bench mark (a commissioning certificate otherwise known as ‘signing off work’) was NOT filled out in accordance with the manufacturer’s Instructions (MI). It was decided that the tenant should report the installation to the Gas Safe Register, which he did.

After a long conversation with Gas safe, the tenant and myself were advised by Gas Safe, not to carry out any work on the boiler to get it up and running again as it may impede Gas Safe’s investigation of the installer. I found that, after checking with Gas Safe, that the installer’s reg. number did NOT tally with the installer himself but that of his father who lives over a couple of hundred miles away.

The property, a flat in a complex of which, the tenant’s landlord, Mr G R owns three more adjoining flats. The ‘installer’ carried out a boiler installation to each of the other flats making a total of four illegally installed appliances. The benchmark form was dated that they were all commissioned on or around 05/12/2018.

I did not have access to the other flats but did take a look outside of each flat to assess state of flue installations etc. I noticed that the flue on one of the adjoining flats was incorrectly positioned (the exhaust of the flue not being to the uppermost part of the terminal).

There were other factors that I noticed outside that although, probably not contrary to manufacturer’s Instructions, did leave a lot to be desired, again, please refer to photographs.


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